12 months of exhibitions, events, screenings, workshops, volunteering and more


"Its moments such as this that I appreciate the depth and essence of Fabrica’s work, which goes so much further than the visual arts"

Fabrica Volunteer

Making Space supported artists Sarah Cole and Annis Joslin to represent and explore the work they made with victims of domestic abuse in The Light and the Load, Maria Amidu to trial how her new writing project, Air, might be translated into an audio visual installation and in 1973 and Anna Walker to develop Breathe the Wind into Me, a new multi-channel installation about our relationship to the Earth.

Annis Joslin and Sarah Cole, Artists

The context of the building offered us an interesting opportunity to explore the space in playful ways, being a former church rather than a conventional gallery space. The staff at Fabrica were really helpful, offering their thoughts and readings of the work during its various iterations over the week.

In February, our amazing fundraising event - Library In A Day took place raising valuable funds for the organisation. Watch out for our first ever Programme Launch and Fundraising event on the 19th of March!


"Volunteering at Fabrica has given me a new lease of life. Renewing my interest in Art and Sculpture and given me the chance to be part of the Social life of Brighton; Wonderful"

Part of the Brighton Festival, Current Affairs saw Ghanaian artist Serge Attukwei Clottey bring to Fabrica his large-scale Afrogallonism piece, meticulously fashioned from discarded yellow jerry cans.

Gallery Visitor, Spring 2019

"Lovely exhibition & thought provoking! The staff here were extremely nice & kind! Keep up the good work"

Chomp was a regular feature in the gallery - providing a free lunch and creative activity

to families in Brighton.

Chomp Parent

"We would love more of these kind of workshops as they make our children dream and become the best they can"

The In Between Gallery inspired us with photography from around the world by Alan Compton, Clémentine Schneidermann and, currently,

Julien Bonnin.

"Being selected and part of In Between Gallery has been such a thrilling opportunity! The site-specific display on the window is an amazing idea and Fabrica is such a renowned venue that I'm really honoured to be part of their selection."

Julien Bonnin, Artist

Our amazing Volunteers worked 484 exhibition shifts this yearThey held workshops, supported events, went on volunteer trips and made 3 editions of The Response and took part in our ACTIVATE project.


We couldn't do what we do without them!

The time I spend at the gallery allows me to be myself away from my work and family commitments.  Supporting the artists and helping to keep Fabrica a part of the community is important to me. I hope my children get to enjoy all it has to offer in the future.


Putting Ourselves In The Picture posed the question 'Who gets to create art and whose work is selected and therefore validated for public view?'. We created an accesible studio in the gallery and invited you to join in!

"A fantastic project ran by a very welcoming group of people. It was a great experience to be involved in"

Gallery Visitor, Summer 2019

"It was a boundary breaking experience"

Gallery Visitor, Summer 2019

Film at Fabrica held over 30 screenings showing film from a variety of perspectives.

Our young film programmers group Fresh Perspectives curated 6 screenings in 2019, showing a wide range of films and partnering with 4 organisations.

" I feel like this is kind of a secret cinema but for disabled people. I love the space and creating a buzz around this changing landscape" 

Kyla Harris, the Other Screen

"Fabrica's peer group sessions gave me the confidence and knowledge to start showing films at The Old Market […] and without this platform for learning and networking, I'm not sure if there would even be a Film Club at The Old Market" 

Fresh Perspectives Alumni Member

At Friday Lates we held regular Drink + Draw events. Model led costumed life drawing sessions immersed in the exhibitions, in collaboration with collective Artist Model Ink.

"Fabrica's strength resides in its commitment to inclusion, reaching out to many diverse and disparate members of the community, showcasing the work of lesser known contemporary artists and involving a team of very diverse volunteers" 

Carole Sanderson, Volunteer, 2019

We launched the Woven By Us project at Woodingdean Medical Centre, which provides welcoming and supportive textile workshops for adults to make social connections, learn new skills, share knowledge, reduce isolation and improve wellbeing.

Woven By Us participant

"You don't know how much these sessions have changed my life, honestly. I feel more confident and I feel happier. I look forward to them every week, they are the best part of it"

Care(less) by Lindsay Seers was shown at Fabrica as an immersive virtual reality experience. In this 360° film work, Seers explored the hallucinatory effect of VR. 

"Brilliant work, the feeling of escaping from the limits of my ageing body will linger, fantastic work"

Gallery Visitor, Autumn 2019

Throughout the year we helped couples celebrate their special day in our wonderful space.

See more of our weddings on the Fabrica Wedding Instagram page.

We knew we wanted to celebrate in Fabrica from the moment we saw it!

Sophie and Luke, Married 2019

Going to See Culture Together has continued this year as a monthly event, bringing older people together to discover new places, meet new people offering them a unique opportunity to collectively experience the arts and cultural offer in Brighton and Hove.

Going To See Culture Together participant

"I probably have a more rounded opinion of painting and art, because of my introduction to Fabrica"

Fabrica's Heritage project PAST: PRESENT: FUTURE has been busy this year as we've opened the gallery up for Heritage tours and open days. This project continues to bring to light previously unexplored history about the exhibition space and a restoration of some of the churches key original features.

"Film is just a tiny fraction of the amazingly creative work that Fabrica provides for our community all year round, and especially important for those who are most vulnerable in our society. Fabrica is a valued and necessary resource that makes art accessible for all, and we especially need that in Brighton right now."

Michael P.J. Dermott, Scalarama, 2018 

Thank you  for helping us to support artists, makers, educators and our community