FU LE (Tetrapode Co.)

31 March 2022

Every year Fabrica makes its space available to artists to test new ground in their practice, opening up the possibility to use the space in imaginative ways and experiment with new ways of working. 


The project Anthropography was initiated by Fu Le in 2015 in Taiwan. It revisits his practice of drawing through the sensory experience of the dancing body and aerial dance in particular. Through this project, which has had several iterations, Fu Le seeks to replace ‘movement’ as the centre of the creative process with ‘sculpture’.


“The line ends when the body reaches its limit, likewise the drawing is completed when the pen is worn. The drawing is not an objective that body and material serve, but it is objective. It is the immediate print of a passage in the present time. It does not project itself nor does not return: it slides on the path that is offered”.


In 2018, Fu Le began to research styrofoam as a material to work with for performance. In 2021 this resulted in a new dance piece – Le Chant du Styrène, a conversation through movement between material and moving bodies that investigates whether it is the material that defines what the dancers do or the reverse.

As a development of this at Fabrica, Fu Le and Tetrapode Co. will be working on a series of anthropographic experiments which will explore the physical imprint of the body on the material. And metaphorically, how memories, traces or scars define our existence in the world.


As part of Fabrica’s commitment to the minimise waste of our artistic programme, we have teamed up with local company Expanded Polystyrene Supplies, Newhaven, to purchase and recycle all the material for this residency.

Public Event

On Thursday 31st March, 6-8pm, Fu Le will present a performance based on his residency at Fabrica. This will be followed by a by Q&A with Sarah Kearney (Assistant Producer) and Cath James (Artistic Director) from South East Dance. Tickets are free but booking essential. Please book here


You can also follow Fu Le’s residency on Fabrica’s Instagram from 21-31 March


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With the support of the French Institute of Paris and the Occitanie Region

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Fu Le


Fu Le is an eclectic choreographer, visual artist and award-winning filmmaker. He graduated from the ENSAAMA school in Paris, with a degree in sculpture, then worked for several years in various stage design studios. Fascinated by the artisanal or handling gesture, he became interested in the working process more than the end result.

In parallel, Fu Le trained in physical theatre. With the intent to stage his own artistic production, he dedicated himself to puppetry in Paris and Buenos Aires. Following his interest in movement, he entered the junior dance company Le Marchepied in Lausanne and the University of the Arts of Taipei, where he revisited his visual arts practice with the sensation of the dancing body. Here he discovered video as a medium that allowed him to share his choreographic research through various exhibitions.

In 2017, Fu Le returned to France and established the Tetrapode Co.. In 2018 it received the Beaumarchais-SACD prize for dance composition. Fu Le continues to develop his practice, which sits on the boundary between video, dance, and sculpture, and is primarily concerned with connecting making, movement and bodily sensation, in other words choreographing the sculptural gesture.