5 July - 25 August 2014



With her expansive spatial drawings, Monika Grzymala has developed a unique, unusual approach to contemporary drawing and installation art. Raumzeichnung (Reflection), the work she is creating site specifically for Fabrica will use more than eight kilometers of silver-mirrored tape to transform, re-imagine and re-draw Fabrica’s interior.


This ephemeral and temporary installation responds to the theme of a mutable and changing landscape, using drawing in its most expanded form to explore our psychological and aesthetic relationship to the landscapes that surround us.

This exhibition forms part of Time and Place, a European-funded cross-border collaboration project led by Fabrica and featuring five cultural partners in the UK and France. It responds to Changing Landscape, one of the central themes of the project.


Time and Place has been selected in the framework of the Interreg IVA France (Channel) – England cross-border European cooperation programme, part-financed by the ERDF.​

View The Response magazine created by Fabrica volunteers in response to the exhibition here:


Monika Grzymala was born in Zabrze in Poland in 1970 but has lived in Germany since she was a child. She currently lives and works in Berlin. She studied stone sculpture and restoration until an encounter with a teacher, who observed that she seemed more interested in the space between her works than the works themselves, sent her in a new direction. Her work is now largely focused on the line, on spatial drawing (Raumzeichnung) installations and papermaking.

Selected list of solo exhibitions

2015 Raumzeichnung (Ison) Kunsthistorisches Museum Theseus Tempel, Volksgarten Vienna / Austria
2014 Rückbau Villa Zanders Städtische Galerie, Bergisch Gladbach / Germany
2014 Raumzeichnung, lecture and artist talk, Galerie der Gegenwart Kunsthalle, Hamburg / Germany
2014 Raumzeichnung (from the series making paper), Franz Josefskai 3, Vienna / Austria
2014 Raumzeichnung (reflection), Fabrica, Brighton / UK
2014 Tree of Life sculpture garden, roof top Woodner Company building and Dian Woodner Collection, New York / USA
2013 Two Corners Arsenal Montreal & Cargo Productions, Montreal / Canada
2013 The River II 49 Nord 6 Est FRAC Fonds Regional d‘Art Contemporain de Lorraine, Metz / France
2013 Mono Meros Saal der Meisterzeichnung, Kunsthalle Hamburg / Germany
2013 Volumen The Morgan Library & Museum, Gilbert Court (Renzo Piano Extension), New York / USA
2013 Drawing Spatially lecture and conference, Villa Arson Nice / France
2013 Tree of Life sculpture garden, roof top Woodner Company building and Dian Woodner Collection, New York / USA
2013 Drawing Spatially lecture and workshop, School of Art Institute of Chicago, Chicago / USA
2012 Aerial Galerie Crone, Berlin
2011 Raumzeichnung Sumarria Lunn Gallery, London / UK
2011 Weiss in Weiss Marstall, Ahrensburg / Germany
2010 Up There Up Here The Dian Woodner Collection, New York / USA
2009 Ruptures The Drawing Room, London / UK
2008 Colours The Locker Plant, Chinati / Donald Judd Foundation, Marfa Texas / USA
2008 Und Griffelkunstvereinigung, Hamburg
2007 Cella Subterranea Ausstellungsraum Samsa, Berlin
2006 Off Road Islip Art Museum, Long Island New York / USA