Image: Philip Carr


Stéphane Cauchy


9 July - 29 August 2011

Cascade was a kinetic sculpture in which nine buckets, interconnected by a pulley system, were suspended from the roof above a large pool. Water was pumped into each bucket until, at a critical point, it tipped and emptied, releasing its contents into the pool below. The flow of water – from pool to pipe, to bucket and back to the pool – created a perpetual cycle of filling and emptying. The buckets rose and fell in cascading rhythms like bells rung in a series of changes or a string of buoys set adrift on a choppy swell.


In highlighting the symbolism, dynamic movement and material change in everyday occurrences, he produces a poetic parallel to common-place experience within which we might glimpse other magical or psychic forces at play. Natural phenomena are combined with products of the imagination in his work to explore broad concepts of time, space and the unknowable.


Cascade is a focus of wonder and meditative calm amid the summer frenzy. A programme of events during the exhibition highlights some ideas that Cascade raises, from discussions about ecological cycles to performances on the hidden life of everyday objects.