3 May - 1 June 1997

standard bottle 1.jpg

An atmospheric collection of human-sized pots and urns by Guy Holder.


Standard Bottle consisted of a collection of large scale urns, bottles, incinerators and jars. It was a body of work produced by Guy Holder under South East Arts’ Major Financial Award Scheme. Standard Bottle picked up and developed recurring themes and forms within Guy’s work, notable from the exhibition ‘Big Rest’, 1989 and from his commission for Taunton and Somerset Hospital, 1994.


The themes that informed and inspired individual objects;

– An exploration of the idea of craft object as fictional artefact. Pots as husks, traces of human life and activity. Some pots might have been incinerators or show evidence of a chemical reaction or canisters once part of a greater technology/ritual now abandoned.

– The synthesise of hybrid forms suggested by the historical use of pots within architecture and industry.

– The use of decoration that has significance beyond its design and relationship to the pt form. For example the use of materials that are not normally used for craft production drawing on associations with other cultural forms and activities.
– Pots as metaphors for people and their relationship to the world around them, through the prehistorical link to our development and through the sensuous and dramatic presence of large scale anthropomorphic objects.

Although concerned with expressing ideas and issues, Guy Holder sees his practice as one firmly rooted in craft tradition. His ‘pots’ are first and foremost discrete, decorative objects.

Within the layout of the exhibition these concerns came to the fore. His themes have suggested arrangements, groups and couplings (like next of kins) that move us from the ‘discreet object’ into landscapes, memories, families or functional groups in the company of which we can find common ground.