There's No Simulation like Home

Paul Sermon

13 November - 18 December 1999

There’s No Simulation Like Home was a large-scale installation that used live teleconferencing links that connected Fabrica in Brighton with the Hastings Museum and Art Gallery.


Artist Paul Sermon created a whole house environment in both galleries featuring a bed, table, couch and bathroom. People could sit, lie or lounge within the ‘home’ and interact with virtual presence of someone viewing the work elsewhere. The Brighton and Hastings galleries were superimposed on that of somebody in the other gallery .

The exhibition presented an opportunity to allow free public access to hi-tech video conferencing which used every day household objects as telecommunication interfaces. Paul Sermon explained how creating these new interfaces made the use of the technology easier whilst allowing more complex social and psychological interaction possible.


There’s No Simulation Like Home was an exciting opportunity for visitors to fully interact with the physical aspects of the video and sculptural installation and see themselves projected into real and virtual spaces.