Drawing & Making

2018 - 2019


Drawing and Making are dementia-friendly art workshops delivered at Brooke Mead, a Brighton & Hove Seniors Housing Scheme which has been custom built to provide dementia-friendly residence. Led by Jane Fordham and assisted by Ricardo Reveron Blanco, the project explored drawing as a life-enhancing activity. Drawing is a powerful tool for personal expression and can improve general well-being. 


The project was kindly supported by Age UK Brighton & Hove through the Dementia Action Alliance, and Brighton & Hove Senior Housing. Having recently finished this 16 week project on March 2019, we are continuing to look for supporters to keep running these health benefiting art workshops. 


Inclusive to all, these workshops allow any participant, regardless of their drawing level, to express themselves free of judgement and use this artistic medium for a personal stimulating experience.


Sessions have taken various shapes within that, with some including life modelling, others being themed as tea parties with integrated drawing exploring still life, which were extremely successful as it took some of the academic pressure of some of the participants.


“It’s the companionship that’s so important, and doing this gets the old brainbox going,

otherwise you get locked in.”


“It's good for concentration. I'm doing my best to concentrate. It's a beautiful arrangement” (while drawing a still life subject)