François Daireaux


22 June - 21 August 2005

Everchanging was an installation by Paris-based artist François Daireaux.


As a direct development of his installation point infini at Centre d’art Passerelle, Brest, France, Daireaux created a labyrinthine structure using 2000 kilos of silicon rubber extruded over an area of 200 square metres.


Everchanging stemmed from a continually evolving process that led to unexpected outcomes incorporating chance, manipulation, play. Past work explored the dualities of decay and growth, repulsion and attraction and the life of the work was often transformed in response to specific exhibition sites. His work makes frequent reference to natural processes of change, organic forms and landscape.


His use and manipulation of materials often results in ambiguous and contradictory forms. Everchanging presented intricate interlaced networks of extruded lines, suspended as architectural elements that both guided and confronted the viewer in a passage through the gallery.


Everchanging was his first major exhibition in the UK, although Daireaux has exhibited widely internationally, including Morocco, Italy, Bulgaria and Belgium.