Simon Poulter & Ros Huxley

Counter Marketing

5 October - 27 October 1996

I’m now convinced that only arbitrary differences exist between art, advertising and the media. Ros Huxley, PR Consultant. 


Marketing, the media, money: a creative collaboration between artist Simon Poulter and PR consultant Ros Huxley.


Be realistic – market the impossible


Poulter and Huxley have collaborated to create an interactive exhibition exploring PR, marketing and the media. The exhibition featured video, large format computer-generated imagery, an interactive website, performance and marketing ephemera.


Funded by the Arts Council England’s New Collaboration Fund, Counter Marketing aims to exploit the practices and tactics of media management and market culture through simulation of campaigns and products. The Gutenburg Scratchcard, which Counter Marketing claimed was “the world’s earliest known scratchcard,” hit the headlines in June 1996 attracting the interest of two million newspaper readers and radio listeners. The Spin Doctor service for maverick MPs will offer selected politicians from all parties the chance to hone their communication skills under the tutelage of Poulter and Huxley in preparation for the next general election.