Creative Connections took place in 2016. It was a five-month programme of creative activity to reduce social isolation in older people. The programme comprised of 16 sessions and was delivered across two Brighton & Hove City Council Seniors Housing sites. Creative sessions were led by Helen Goodwin, an experienced artist facilitator, who also took residents out over five social visits to cultural city locations.


"The weekly sessions have been really helpful to create some focus and structure to my week."


The sessions focused on improving mental health outcomes for participants through an emphasis on social and creative processes.


"It has been great to meet others who I live close to but have never me.  And I love all the laughter we have together."


Creative Connections allowed Fabrica to build on existing knowledge of working with older people, but specifically supported us in reaching individuals identified as socially isolated. Through being able to develop a more informed and experienced way of working with artist facilitators and volunteers, we have grown in expertise and understanding to the barriers and benefits that come with working in cross-sector partnerships.


"I think I will try to visit the cafes and bookshops by myself and the Museum too."


Creative Connections was delivered as part of the CCG Innovations Fund.