Drawing Performance is a vibrant art form where artists creating art from mark making in front of a live audience. The art creation, combining elements of line, movement, space and time, is a celebration of energy and creativity.


The DRAWin festival aims to promote public awareness of this participatory form of art and give the opportunity to explore and engage with this emerging way of expression. It also intends to mark the UK as a leading hub for this innovative art practice and help in building a new generation of young drawing performers.


DRAWin 2018 is an international festival for live drawing performance, organized by Draw to Perform and hosted by Fabrica Gallery. The festival includes live performances by leading local and international artists and workshops for children and the general public. DRAWin links and explores the connection between mark making, music, dance, and theatre. This art practice is perfect for children and young performers who can express themselves in the most natural way and find the activity very liberating. Kids can find a sense of achievement from participating in this creative and rewarding environment. This year’s theme will focus on drawing in relation to sound and movement; an investigation of the sound of drawing not as a by-product, but as an added layer to the pieces. The capturing, recording and manipulation of drawing sounds intensifies and enriches the experience of artists and viewers. The outcome is a gripping and multisensory live art experience.


Day 1 includes 13 new live interactive performances commissioned by leading local and international artists.


Day 2 is made up of bookable workshops for children and the general public provided by participating artists, allowing art enthusiasts of every age and ability the chance to work with and explore this new and innovative form of art.


“After the great success of our last year’s event at Fabrica, we’re so excited to continue the tradition for artistic freedom that the city is famous for. This unique, must-see performance promises to be high energy, combining drawing, theatre, dance, and music into a vibrant and dynamic event for all the family.” Ram Samocha, DTP founder.


Participating Artists: Jenny Arran (UK), Isabel The Phantomat (UK), Molly Macleod (Portugal/UK), Dejan Mrdja (UK/Serbia), Lisa Munnelly & Oli Blair (New Zealand), Sidney Pink (US), Liliana Robins & Micky Bimble (UK), Fu LE (France), Ram Samocha (UK/Israel) & Mark Browne (UK), Flexer & Sandiland (UK), Kimvi Nguyen (UK/Vietnam), Jazz Moreton (UK), Xelís de Toro (UK/Spain), Carli Jefferson (UK).


Draw to Perform is an international community for drawing performance curated by artist Ram Samocha. Draw to Perform has held previous international symposiums, festivals, collaborative UK events and educational workshops. Past Draw to Perform symposiums have been held in London and Brighton. Following the success of these events, recognition of Draw to Perform and its events has grown steadily and the community has showcased performance symposiums and workshops at Central Saint Martins (2013), Goldsmiths University (2015), and OCAD University, Toronto (2016).


Day 1 Day Pass for all performances - Adult £15 (£20 on the door), Child (5-15) £5, Family: 1 Adults+up to 2 Children £20 (£25 on the door), Family: 2 Adults+up to 3 Children £32 (£40 on the door).


Day 2 Tickets per workshop - Adult £10, Child (5-15) £5, Family (2 Adults+up to 2 Children) £25.

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DRAWin 2018

International Festival of Live

Drawing Performance

3 - 4 April 2018