Mark Anstee

Early Redemption

1 - 25 September 2005

For 25 days in September the British artist Mark Anstee made a new drawing live at Fabrica. Suspended high up in the chancel of this former church and appearing as a blurred shadow, he created an accumulating mass of individually drawn figures onto a vast translucent membrane.

For Anstee it is fundamental that these live drawings are witnessed. Early Redemption focuses on the act of drawing and the witnessing of that act. By placing the spectator and the artist either side of the drawing surface, each party is connected only by the shared experience of seeing new forms created in front of their eyes.

The title, Early Redemption, a contemporary financial term for penalties relating to the premature repayment of debt, alludes to the archaic language of retribution found in the Old Testament or the sinister placards carried by street preachers warning of plague and pestilence dealt out by an unknown agent.

This piece further explored Anstee’s interest in creating temporary large-scale drawings in public spaces and followed projects at the Irish Museum of Modern Art, Dublin, and at the In Flanders Fields Museum, Belgium.