"Being with a group of people with very different ideas of art makes you think and see differently."

Going to See Culture Together is a monthly event that brings older people together to discover new places, people and explore art in the city, led by arts facilitator Jonathan Quarterman. It gives a unique opportunity to collectively experience the arts and cultural offer in Brighton and Hove.

"It is a great opportunity to gather together and share experiences, especially for retired people who have fewer occasions to do so and are maybe living alone."

Jonathan Quarterman provides bespoke sessions for each outing that are accessible, offering a warm welcome and supportive environment where conversation can open up new ways of seeing and enjoying art.


"I adored going to see the live screening of the Metropolitan Opera. It was so wonderful! I wanted to pinch myself and I felt lucky and privileged to have the opportunity to be there."

Going to See Culture Together is a stimulating event for people who might not have access to the arts in their everyday life. It also helps to develop broader and more diverse audiences within arts organisations, as well as increase the representation of older people in those spaces.


"It is mind-expanding to attend an often unusual and cultural event with an experienced facilitator whom you can trust to take care of the needs of older people with whom you can discuss it afterwards."