Harley Weir


28 October - 25 November 2018


Homes, by British photographer Harley Weir, depicts photographs made over a ten-day period in October
2016 in the migrant and refugee camps of Calais, known informally as the Jungle. Taken immediately
before and during the clearing of this provisional settlement, Weir’s images highlight both the humanity
and ingenuity of those living there - emphasising the domestic and familiar against a backdrop of

Homes is one of many recent photographic projects which highlight how the large transient population of
refugees and migrants materialise in visual terms across the European landscape. Images of Calais, in particular, have been central to the debate about immigration, both in the UK and in mainland Europe.

In Homes, Weir offers a different insight, showing us the personal spaces of the camp created in the face
of oppression and indifference from those 
most able to provide assistance. In doing so she intimates the
wider human story of the resilience and misery of the refugee experience.

Homes was first published as a photo book in 2016 by Loose Joints. The books shown as part of this
exhibition are a reprint of this publication made especially for the Biennial. All proceeds from sales will
be donated to La Cimade, a French charity committed to protecting and defending the human rights of
refugees and migrants.

Weir Portrait.png

British photographer Harley Weir is known for creating intimate images in both her personal work and her editorial and fashion commissions.


Harley Weir graduated in 2010 from Central Saint Martins College, London, with a degree in Fine Arts, where she largely taught herself photography and experimented with film and collage.  Her first solo exhibition was Boundaries at Foam, Amsterdam (2016-17). Also in 2017 she exhibited work at The Belly and the Members, curated by Antonia Marsh at Cob Gallery, London.


Besides this work, she has created images for AnOther Magazine, i-D Magazine, Dazed & Confused and shot photographic campaigns and lookbooks for renowned fashion brands such as Maison Martin Margiela and Calvin Klein, Balenciaga, Céline, Stella McCartney and Jacquemus.  


She has published three books: Homes with Loose Joints (2017), Paintings with Loose Joints (2017) and most recently, Function with Baron (2018). Harley Weir lives and works in London.​​