Petra Gemeinboeck & Mary Agnes Krell

Impossible Geographies 1.1: Memory

19 November - 15 December 2005

Impossible Geographies 1.1 was an interactive installation exploring memory as a metaphor for the fluid boundaries between the physical and the virtual. This work dynamically traced visitors’ actions, mixing them in unexpected ways with memories stolen in the physical and held by the virtual. Throughout the exhibition space, those memories seeped into the present, creating a virtually woven fabric of inhabitant’s traces that grew and evolved over time.

The exhibition space was threaded with a network of laser beams, coated with video projections and equipped with two cameras, its ‘eyes.’ It enclosed a series of implied and shifting geographies, signified and made ‘tangible’ only by beams of light. When crossed, visitors interrupted the space, leaving their visual mark and triggering a fracture through which a virtual space could seep into the physical present. Alluding to the fluid nature of belonging, each of these ‘neural extensions’ that connected the physical space to its virtual memory space, allowed for the creation of unique fragmentary and fluid narratives. As the memory of the space grew, so did these structures.