Peter Hudson

In Colour

8 July - 28 August 2017


This summer Fabrica and Project Art Works present IN COLOUR, a new interactive light installation by UK artist Peter Hudson at Fabrica, Brighton.

This site-specific work has been created in collaboration with people with complex needs, resulting in an immersive piece that invites audiences to interact with it and each other, non-verbally. The work has been developed to appeal to people who are highly sensitive to their environments and to sensory stimuli. As such the work is accessible and inclusive exploring themes of communication and consciousness and how environment affects behaviour.

The exhibition allows the viewer to completely change the environment of the gallery using three main tools, one being a microphone which translates sound into hue, another a sphere containing two sensors, as well as a ball which can be kicked and rolled around or touched, all of which will change the overall colour of the whole gallery. These devices are wirelessly connected to all of Fabrica's lights, thus turning them into the correspondent different hues dictated by the audience. People will gather around and do this together which easily sparks laughter and conversation, and a type of communication that very easily flows no matter what the background of the person is or their abilities, as it centres around this expansive and sudden effect the visitors will cause in the space. 

Peter Hudson is an artist who has previously shown work at the at Wellcome Collection, London, which ran for a year from 2014-2015; Being Undetectable, an outdoor, enterable black rubber-clad 2.5m cube, shown at the Royal College of Art, London 2016; and Open It, an interactive video installation, shown as Artist-in-Residence at the Courtauld Institute of Art, London 2017.

This ground-breaking commission builds upon the considerable expertise of Project Art Works who have supported Hudson develop the work through close interaction with neurodiverse artists and makers at their studios in Hastings.

Co-commissioned with Project Art Works.

IN COLOUR is supported by an Explore and Test grant, Paul Hamlyn Foundation.