Library in a Day took place this month, a rerun of last year's successful event whereby artists and writers came together and collaborated to secure Fabrica's future. This was so enjoyable that we decided to do this again this year! Around 60 artists took part and teamed up to produce a unique library of books within a day! 

"Artists and writers who took part last year were really excited by working alongside one another, so this year were bringing them closer together, inviting in other people who couldn't take part and giving them a shared task. This event will generate energy and new conversations between some of Brightons most creative individuals. Artists and writers have always been partners in making books, but this is quite a test. We cant wait to start the clock!" Jane Fordham and Jackie Wills.

"Fabrica began as an artist initiative and supporting artists to develop their work is something that Fabrica has always been passionate about. The funds raised by artists through the Writer's Relay & Draw-a-thon enabled Fabrica to give Jo Lathwood a major commission opportunity which produced Getting There in 2018. Library In A Day will be a completely new creative challenge for artists and its proceeds will go directly to supporting artists through Fabrica's commissioning opportunities, Making Space programme and Artist Resource services." Liz Whitehead, Fabrica Director.

The event was live-streamed and open to the public.