Location Hire

Our building is a former Regency church in the heart of Brighton. The pews have been removed leaving the an open hall with original features adding to the beauty of this magnificent space. The over head balcony offer a birds eye perspective of the expansive floor space while a 5 meter window opens the building up onto the busy Brighton streets outside, a stones throw from the beach. The space is open, with walls partly clad in wood and columns stretching from the floor to the overhead balcony. The room measures 12 x 23 meters with an impressive 10.5-meter ceiling height. 


  • original pulpit

  • several original plaques

  • stained glass windows

  • two accessible toilets and a ramped entrance


  • On-street parking for up to two hours

  • Car parks nearby for all day parking 

  • There is a loading bay 30 meters from the ramped entrance


  • Brighton station (0.8 miles)