Making Space
Lost Memories
Gary Thomas

07 -10 March 2022

Every year Fabrica makes its space available to artists to test new ground in their practice, opening up the possibility to use the space in imaginative ways and experiment with new ways of working.

This March, artist Gary Thomas will be testing a new work-in-progress piece, LOST MEMORIES with visitors in the gallery. 


A multi-screen video installation, LOST MEMORIES, draws on Gary’s experience of being a carer to his mother who has Alzheimer’s Disease. Mixing documentary phone footage with fictional sequences, Gary seeks to convey the texture of lives that revolve around the confusion of dementia and the demands of caring, as well as the moments of clarity and joy that frequently punctuate it.  Lived experience that is largely hidden.

‘I’ve often used my own life as inspiration for my writing and my work in film. Being me, when my mother was diagnosed, I began recording & filming moments of her life that we shared together, both the good times and the difficult emotional times, some in audio, and some as film. I suppose I wanted a record of it, without knowing whether anyone else would see it at all’.

Public events

Wednesday 9 March 2022

LOST MEMORIES at Fabrica will be open for visitors from 1pm to 5pm.


Thursday 10 March 2022

LOST MEMORIES at Fabrica will be open for visitors from 1pm to 5pm.

At 6.45pm Gary Thomas will talk about the development of LOST MEMORIES both prior to and during his short residency at Fabrica, followed by a Q&A. Doors open at 6.15pm, booking essential.

LOST MEMORIES is supported by the National Lottery through Arts Council England.

Still Lost Memories Gary Thomas 9th feb camera David Parker.png

Gary Thomas

Gary Thomas is a writer and filmmaker based in South East England. He was born with a flat nose & cleft palate, and couldn’t talk properly until he was 9.

His film work Sectioned was screened at Fabrica in 2016 (as part of their Making Space programme).

Gary has  produced four plays. He has been funded by Arts Council England to make several artist moving image works including: Madness as a form of relaxation (2005), Coming out (Dada South) (2006), The Dog and the Palace (2012), Sectioned (2016).


In 2020 he interviewed disabled artists and others about their practice. Funded by Arts Council England (ACE), this project and the interviews were to inform Gary about his own practice as he explored different ways of working.


Lost Memories is Gary’s most personal work to date. As a natural filmmaker it focus' on his personal experiences of being a carer for his mother who has Alzheimer's. From his own diary writings to very personal phone footage it captures the heartbreaking but also joyful moments of a mother & sons unique relationship.