Stage 1 Applicants: An Introduction to Making Space at Fabrica


From January - March each year Fabrica makes its space available to artists to test new ground in their practice, opening up the possibility to use the space in imaginative ways and experiment with new ways of working. It is an opportunity for artists to make new work, lay out or document work or try something out for a small invited or focussed audience. As well as our space we bring our curatorial, audience development and marketing expertise to your project as you develop it. Making Space gives an artist only 4-5 days in the gallery, but the lead up to it often involves conversations with a range of staff over many months, which feed into what an artist may choose to present, which audiences they will invite and how they will engage with that audience in the space around their presentation.


We only host three Making Space opportunities each year: one in January, one in February and one in March. This means we can give each artist the support necessary for a successful project.
Artists are invited to submit a short proposal of no more than one side of A4, with a CV and examples of recent work (low resolution JPEG images) or a link to your website. The proposal would need to make a case for using the space at Fabrica. Projects need to run for between two to four days and take place on weekdays. 
The basic cost is £150. Artists by negotiation can work outside office hours but they will need to pay for staff time on top of the £150. 

Making Space artists are supported in the development of their proposal by the Director, Liz Whitehead or an appointed representative and artists can also book appointments with other members of Fabrica staff such as the Audience Development Manager and/or Communications Manager in the planning stages and run up to their Making Space project at Fabrica.
    •    Artistic projects in any art form
    •    Fit in with the organisation (i.e. people would still need to be able to access the gallery space from the offices and be free to do so)
    •    Be ’studio’ projects, i.e. focused on developing, documenting, producing, early stage ‘show and tell’ work rather than outward facing final presentational or public events. Exhibition proposals or proposals for performances primarily seeking a walk-up audience will not be considered
    •    Be up to four days in length. Access to the gallery space outside of office hours will be considered but this will involve additional staff costs
    •    Make a case for using this space rather than any other
    •    Artists need to be prepared to undergo a health and safety briefing for building use and agree to work within Fabrica’s Health and Safety policy and procedures
    •    Artists can apply any time of year but projects place in January, February and March only.
If Fabrica is interested in taking a proposal forward, the artist will be contacted to discuss details and confirm dates.

Please email proposals with your CV and a link to your website to 


Fabrica will acknowledge each proposal by return email. Proposals are usually reviewed every 8 weeks and artists will be contacted as soon as possible after this to confirm if Fabrica would like to take their proposal further.