Shared Space & Light
22 December 2020 - 21 February 2021

For Fabrica’s winter 2021 commission, the huge glass windows of Fabrica’s East facade are transformed into a canvas for a projection-based exploration of the Brighton starling murmurations in an updated version of the extremely popular winter 2020 installation. 


Created by Brighton-based collective Shared Space and Light (Giles Thacker, Kate Laird and Chris Grottick), Murmurations reminds us of the wonder and beauty in our immediate environment. 


Giles Thacker has been filming starling murmurations for over 10 years. 'Like many others, I've been mesmerised by the flocking patterns of the starlings. And I love the fact that we have these awe-inspiring displays right in the heart of our urban environments - the murmurations briefly reconnect us to the natural world and are a powerful reminder of the sheer beauty and wonder of our natural heritage.'


"The hundreds of gridded panes in these windows look like giant pixels, suggesting a digital approach, so for this installation I've taken the organic forms and fluid motion of the murmurations and combined them with their digital equivalents. And sound artist Owen Crouch has taken a similar approach to creating the soundtrack, fusing acoustic instruments with digital effects, building a layered soundscape that alternately swells and condenses, capturing the pulsing flowing energy of the murmurations.''

The projection will be visible from the outside of the building on Ship Street, from 22 December to 23 February between from 4pm and dawn.

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Shared Space & Light

Shared Space and Light is an artist run organisation which uniquely uses 3D video projection mapping techniques to make site-specific work about people and place. They enable local voices, uncovering personal stories which spectacularly transform public spaces, engaging with different communities throughout the UK to create unforgettable collective experiences.

Over the 9 years since the company was formed they have gained invaluable experience of creating stunning moving image content for a wide range of architectural contexts and problem solving for a variety of creative partners. Their events have been experienced by audiences in their 1000's throughout the country.