O U T    O F    T H E    B L U E 

Out of the Blue: Woad is a three-year (2012-15), European-funded cross-border collaboration programme lead by the City of Amiens in France.

Out of the Blue: Woad is a cross border project inspired by Woad (known as waide in the local Picardy dialect). The leaves of the woad plant provide a blue dye used as a cloth dyers’ pigment and has an economic, cultural and social heritage associated with it. Until the end of the 16th century it was the only source of blue dye available in Europe. In the middle ages, the plant was grown in Southern England and in France, more particularly in the Somme region where it is still grown today.

Out of the Blue: Woad is a project involving six organisations from Brighton UK and Amiens. The Brighton organisations are Fabrica, Care Co-opsRoyal Pavilion and Museums and the University of Brighton and from Amiens; the Musée de Picardie, the Maison de la CultureAmiens Métropole and the Bibliotheques d’Amiens.

Fabrica exhibitions-

The Blue Route and Time Passing By
On Balance


Project website-

Out of the Blue : Woad


Short films-

Out of the Blue: Woad – an overview
The Blue Route – Kaarina Kaikkonen artist interview
On Balance – Jacob Dahlgren artist interview


Flickr albums-

The Blue Route- Going to see culture together
The Blue Route- Second Sight
Meet the artist
A Bolt
form the Blue
Conversation piece- the Blues
Playing the Space
On Balance installation
On Balance preview
On Balance Second Sight
Weaving Spheres with Nick Sayers
In Transition film workshop
Special drawing event with Jane Fordham