12 months of exhibitions, events, screenings, workshops and some things that you might not know about Fabrica
2017 - our 21st year - began with 21 Years of Fabrica being shown in our window.
I started working at Fabrica at the end of 2016 so making the 21 Years of Fabrica video showed me how varied the exhibitions are. A year in and I'm still amazed at how much the space and atmosphere is transformed with each show.
Mick Watson, Communications Manager
Inherent Process was an exciting opportunity to show some of my recent film work and assemble an accompanying programme of short films by six experimental filmmakers to screen from dusk til dawn in the new gallery window.
Using the large window gave me the chance to not only give the public films that were visually exciting and thought-provoking but also experience the striking, and sometimes unexpected, soundtracks that could be accessed on mobile devices.
Jayne Wilson, Artist
Inherent Process was a collection of artist's videos curated by Jayne Wilson and shown in our window over the winter.
We used the fantastic unique space and facilities at Fabrica to expand our ideas, play with materials and make collaborative works. The space gave us the freedom to experiment and take risks, to connect with makers as well as exhibiting the results of our journey to the public on the final day. 
Elaine Bolt, Artist
Our residency at Fabrica gave us the space to work solidly for a week on our collaborative project.
I love having the freedom to make work in such a big open space. It makes me work differently, it makes
me see a bigger picture and it makes me think more
about how to work interactively with the audience.
Annemarie O'Sullivan, Artist
Making Space: Making Ground - a week-long gallery residency with artists
Annemarie O’Sullivan,
Elaine Bolt & Rachel Henson
Last year’s Draw to Perform event at Fabrica Gallery attracted a wonderful local audience from Brighton, but also people that came from Vienna, Berlin, Argentina, and France.
Thank you Fabrica for past and future collaboration and for making space for us in your program. Thank you for supporting this experimental and evolving form of art and for giving the opportunity for more people to take part, follow, stream, share our work and be inspired by it.
Ram Samocha, Director/Curator, Draw to Perform
In March we hosted Draw to Perform 4: an international symposium for drawing performance.
For me the exciting part of the year is when our Making Space artists take over and the gallery becomes somewhere between a studio/laboratory and gallery space.
It’s exciting to support artists such as Annemarie, Elaine, Jayne and Ram to share their process and ideas with a wider audience.
Caitlin Heffernan, Artist Development and lead on Making Space projects
Fabrica is one of our strongest collaborators, we trust them,
enjoy working with them and need them to ensure
we are presenting the very best of visual arts.
Beth Burgess, Executive Producer, Brighton Festival
As part of Brighton Festival, acclaimed Turkish artist Ipek Duben brought They/Onlar, a work focussing on prejudice, to Fabrica for its UK premiere.
As a leading art gallery, Fabrica supports both established and emerging artists from across the arts and to be a print partner for such a dynamic organisation is a pleasure.
We enjoy working with the team and are thrilled to be involved with the In Between Gallery.
Hazel Watts, Director, Spectrum Photographic
In collaboration with Spectrum Photographic and Brighton Photo Fringe we launched the
In Between Gallery: a pop-up space highlighting photography in between our main exhibition programme.
In the autumn Fabrica Art Club launched, providing creative and messy fun for 5 - 11 year olds.

We have so much fun, we totally forgot about our snack time.

I want to stay here forever.

I have never done anything like this before, it is amazing!

Fabrica Art Clubbers
We had our wedding reception at the Fabrica in June 2017. The venue was beautiful the team were fantastic at helping us make the most of it. They worked closely with us beforehand to ensure the venue was set up exactly as we wanted. On the day, they looked after everything and made sure that we could relax and focus on enjoying the day.
Steve and Emma, Wedding Couple 2017
We helped people celebrate their big days in our unique building.
I've really enjoyed seeing the gallery transformed for weddings and events this year. It's such a joy to see what people do with the space - it's completely different each time.
Anne Rupert, Business Manager
Fabrica is an extraordinarily beautiful and unique exhibition space, it has has been an absolute joy to work with the team there to create In Colour.
Peter Hudson, Artist
Working with Project Art Works we commissioned Peter Hudson's inclusive and interactive piece In Colour; resulting in the gallery being bathed in a changing spectrum of light.
If I was doing this on my own I wouldn't enjoy it as much.
Barry, Shedder
It’s nice to have an oasis.
Brian, Shedder
Men in Sheds is a project aimed at reducing social isolation and promoting better health and wellbeing in adult men.
It's been a wonderful year, seeing the gallery filled with various exhibitions and events and welcoming a diverse and engaged audience has been fantastic. From our continuing work with older people through activities such as Going To See Culture Together and Men in Sheds, to new programmes like Fabrica Art Club and Chomp which have welcomed young people into the gallery, it's inspiring to work with so many different people and see their creativity and hear their ideas.
Clare Hankinson, Audience Development Manager
Fabrica Gallery is my favourite venue to work with in Brighton.
The staff know what they're doing and make every effort to ensure the events we co-host go as smoothly as possible. The space they have is versatile and their technology is reliable. Eyes Wide Open Cinema recently had the pleasure of hosting our Snap season of cinema at the Gallery; we were incredibly happy with how the collaboration went and how our audiences were welcomed.
Fabrica Gallery is a vital part of the cultural scene in Brighton and Hove and it is a pleasure to be able to work with them regularly. 
Jacob Engelberg, Programmer, Eyes Wide Open Cinema
Fabrica Film Club hosted 32 screenings this year including four from our Fresh Perspectives young film programmers and SNAP: a season of pioneering American queer cinema with Eyes Wide Open
If you ever see an advert for a drawing session with Jane Fordham, drop everything and go. I was in a foul mood this morning but after five minutes with paper, willow charcoal and graphite, I was in heaven. It doesn't matter that I can't draw. There was music, biscuits and lots of women with smudges all over their faces.
Jackie Wills, Experimental Drawing Class Member
On Tuesdays throughout the year the gallery was filled with our popular
Experimental Drawing class with Jane Fordham.
One of my most memorable moments this year is when we met the artists from Project Artworks, an organisation that promotes the meaningful involvement of people who have complex impairments in visual art activity. It was an honour to welcome such creative personalities, and we all worked together to create a giant multicoloured wall hanging! I had so much fun during the workshop, and it made me so proud to be a part of an organisation that always remains true to its ethos of inclusivity and accessibility in the arts for all.
Hannah Lapsley, Communications Coordinator & Volunteer
We had 99 active volunteers in 2017 undertaking 645 hours of training, staffing exhibitions for 1373 hours and assisting 194 hours of events. They also produced 3 issues of
The Response magazine.
It was wonderful working with volunteers on The Interval and the Instant. Everyone came together with understanding and thoughtfulness to deliver a moving and sometimes difficult piece for visitors.
Comments from visitors in person and in the comment book really validated the importance of the piece
Sally Connellan, Volunteer Coordinator
I can confidently say that Fabrica is the reason I am on the path I am now:
studying Fine Art: Critical Practice
at Brighton University
Tom, Volunteer since 2015
He was never interested
in making anything before,
now he loves to make things.
Parent, Chomp at Fabrica
This year we collaborated with Chomp: a free lunch and activity club in Brighton.
The Interval and the Instant by Steven Eastwood was a groundbreaking
and moving work on death, dying and relationships.
You’ve helped me by making this and by seeing it you have helped me to grieve, to accept, to be alive here today.
Thank you beyond words.
Gallery Visitor, Autumn 2017
As a Trustee, and indeed somebody whose office is based in the building, I have had a unique and privileged insight to the workings of Fabrica over the last year.  A spectrum of activity that in addition to groundbreaking exhibitions includes, amongst many other activities, the most amazing life drawing classes, high energy children’s art groups, community lunch clubs, school visits, independent film screenings and the occasional sumptuous wedding reception thrown in for good measure! 
A personal highlight for me being the most recent exhibition by filmmaker Stephen Eastwood, The Interval and the Instant.  It's hard to recall a more compelling and moving piece of film. And of course, best of all, I get to work alongside Fabrica’s amazing team each day!
Richard Beales, Trustee
Thank you for helping us to support artists, makers, educators and our community.
Image Credits
21 Years of Fabrica images by Tom Thistlethwaite, Ben Harding and Philip Carr.
Making Space: Making Ground image by Alun Callender
Draw to Perform 4 image by Manja Williams
They / Onlar by Ipek Duben installation view by Tom Thistlethwaite
Other Ways of Knowing by Alexandra Lethbridge installation view by Fabrica
The Untitled from Under The Yuzu Tree by Feiyi Wen installation view by Fabrica
Fabrica Art Club image by Fabrica
Wedding Celebration image by Benedict Johnson
In Colour by Peter Hudson installation view by Tom Thistlethwaite
Experimental Drawing image by Jane Fordham
Fabrica Film Club: Fresh Perspectives image by
Syl Ojalla
Screening and panel discussion from SNAP: Tongues Untied by Eyes Wide Open Cinema
The Response: Covers by Fabrica
Chomp by Yvonne Roberts/Fabrica
The Interval and the Instant by Steven Eastwood installation view by Tom Thistlethwaite
Fabrica Art Club image by Fabrica