School Workshops

Fabrica is the perfect place to bring students of all ages to inspire and enrich their learning about contemporary art.

Our School Membership Scheme offers a great opportunity to get involved with Fabrica and our associated artists. Our exhibitions can be used to link to many National Curriculum subjects such as Art, Literacy, Science or Drama. We have experience of working with students from early years up to university level and we tailor our workshops to the needs of individual groups, through consultation and planning with teachers.

We ensure that all workshops are fully inclusive and encourage everyone present, including teachers and helpers, to take part in the session. Workshops usually take place in the gallery but they can be started or continued in the classroom. We know how demanding it is working in schools so we are happy to visit you to explain more about Fabrica and what our School Membership Scheme can offer you.

Fabrica’s annual school membership scheme for schools and colleges is a cost of £80 and includes:

  • A 4-hour tailored gallery workshop with links to the National Curriculum requirements with an artist/gallery educator.

  • A 1-hour presentation to staff about Fabrica, what we do and ways they could use Fabrica to link into their teaching.

  • Advice on working with, and identifying artists for, school projects.

  • Information on upcoming shows and invitations to exhibition previews with free drinks vouchers.

  • Invitations to arts education seminars and networking events.

Are you interested in your school becoming a member?

Please contact us on 01273 778646 or email [email protected]


“Watching the children interact brought a whole new inquisitive side that I, as an adult, would not have explored.”

Teacher – Carden Primary School

“This place is great. I’m going to bring my mum here to show her.”

 Pupil – Balfour Infants School



The Fabrica workshop membership scheme is a scheme aimed at any organisation, group or business which would like to develop their knowledge and experience of visual art. Workshops are offered at levels appropriate to your group and are tailored to your own requirements. So whether you are a small social group, a community group or a corporate business our consultant can help plan your sessions to ensure you get the most out of your membership.


Are you interested in your organisation becoming a member?


For an £80 annual membership fee we guarantee you:


  • Three hours worth of workshops in one or two sessions working with one or two exhibitions of your choice

  • We can provide free advice on working with artists, suggest artists for your own education projects working in photography, sound, digital art, and craft practices.

  • Consultation with one of Fabrica’s freelance artists to discuss your specific workshop requirements is offered as part of the package.

  • Invitations and free drinks vouchers for Previews


Interested in your organisation becoming a member?


Please contact us on 01273 778646 or email [email protected]