Malcolm Buchanan-Dick


24 October - 6 November 1998

Screenplay was an interactive installation comprising a series of 6 organ pipes mounted on lozenge-shaped wooden structures and played by 6 hairdryers. There was one central piece with 13 smaller organ pipes shown on the lower left, played by a vacuum cleaner, and the audience interacted with sensors mounted around the space which operated the electrical devices and played the pipes. A large touchscreen, top left, was placed in the gallery and provided an alternative way of interacting with the sculptures. The atmosphere in the gallery was quite haunting when the organ pipes were being played. A silk screen was suspended from the balcony of the gallery to show animations and interactive video related to the exhibition.​


Screenplay took visitors were taken on an interactive journey into the world of computer technology in this multimedia exhibition.


The installation created by Malcolm Buchanan-Dick incorporated commissions by a painter, a poet and Lighthouse multimedia students. The piece explored ways in which we can physically interact with computer technology, bringing words and images to life using a giant multi-sensory touch screen.


Malcolm also worked with youth groups and schools as part of the educational outreach programme.