Lucy Orta, Andy Ray, Chris Drury

Shelter 1, 2 & 3

11 June - 30 August 1999

An exhibition on the theme of shelter exploring housing and the built environment through temporary artworks.

Fabrica invited three public artists to make a work in response to the idea of ‘shelter’. The three installations marked fragility, the subtle energy and the unpredictable quality of the relationship between us and what we choose to construct around ourselves. Collective Dwelling is an installation in constant evolution that invites different members of the public to participate in its construction. 

Shelter 1, 12 – 27 June 1999:
Collective Dwelling Act -V


Lucy Orta was the first of three artists to create an installation on the theme of shelter for Fabrica’s 1999 Summer exhibition.



Lucy Orta’s Magic Carpet has travelled the world inspiring visitors to add new designs to the exhibition. The Magic Carpet was available to ride and explore throughout the exhibition period. Utility fabrics and primary colours were used to encourage a playful exploration of the theme of shelter.


In this exciting and interactive exhibition, visitors of all ages were invited to come and see the work, then climb aboard Lucy’s Magic Carpet and join in. The Magic Carpet travels around the world collecting designs and responses from the audience – which are then made into panels using utility fabrics and bright colours – to add to this continually evolving show.




Shelter 2, 30 June – 8 July 1999:
Every Dream Home a Heartache


Andy Ray’s response to Shelter offered visitors a chance to see the gallery transformed into a village, where houses on stilts beckon you to duck inside and discover the quirky interiors concealed by their blank cardboard shells. Each had a separate experience to offer – who knows what could happen at the touch of a button, what was lurking behind those inscrutable walls?


Drawing on influences as varied as pop, Picabia and disposable culture, Andy’s ‘shelters’ interacted with all the senses to trigger memories, associations and thoughts on the meaning of shelter in own lives.




Shelter 3, 24 July – 30 August 1999:
Holding light


Chris Drury made the final work for the summer the 1999 summer exhibition. Shelters have long been a preoccupation of Drury who has created woven and stone ‘shelters’ both in the natural environment and art galleries as far afield as Japan and American.


Holding Light was and a beautiful and poetic work, the vast hazel and willow dome reaching for the light, for the highest point of the gallery. Enclosed within it was a smaller dome which you were able to enter, a shelter within a shelter.