Textile Flow

2017 - 2018


The Textile Flow project provides welcoming and supportive textile workshops for adults to make social connections, learn new textile skills and share their knowledge, reduce isolation and improve wellbeing.


Facilitated by artist Sally Bourner, Textile Flow workshops give participants a welcoming space to create positive new connections and experiences based on interest rather than need.

"I found the group amazing, its opened up creativity and confidence to have a go at things and once you get going, doing things a bit different and learning new skills, like rag rug, that’s something I’ve wanted to do for years and I can do it now!" Colette Mc Dowell


The sessions included: weaving in circular and squares, drawing in yarn (relating to David Shrigley's exhibit, Life Model II), rag rug with wool and rags (built textured surfaces), open sessions (participants brought their own work), textile coiling (created hanging sculptures), felting(made felt surfaces, pictures and 3D shapes) and weaving in nature (weaving into frames made of branches and sticks).

For one of the sessions Textile Flow commissioned Men in Sheds to build three large peg looms, thanks to an anonymous donation made to the project, which made weaving much more accessible to people who may be partially sighted or have issues with mobility.

After originating at Fabrica 2017, Textile Flow workshops partnered with Leach Court Senior Residential Scheme to extend it’s community reach and further opportunities for different people to meet in different spaces in the city, providing a level space for companionships found through being creative together.


After the success of the pilot project, Textile flow is seeking funding for a 2 year programme that will further connect participants from senior housing schemes from across Brighton and Hove and Fabrica and continue supporting shared opportunities for creativity and social connections.