T H E    B R I G H T O N    C O M M I S S I O N

We are inviting the community to be a part of our new artist commissioning scheme;the Brighton Commission in July and August 2015. This is a very exciting and unusual opportunity for donors to be much more closely involved in the creation of a piece of contemporary art.

The artist we have chosen for this milestone event is the internationally renowned Elpida Hadzi-Vasileva who lives and works here in Brighton. With the on-going cuts to funding, without your support, we simply won’t be able to continue to commission incredible new site-specific artwork such as this.

As a supporter of the Brighton Commission you will be granted special access to Elpida’s preparations for the show through a series of updates leading up to the exhibition. This will grant you behind-the-scenes insight into Elpida’s fascinating process.

Fabrica aims to make a significant contribution to the artistic community here in Brighton. We provide the environment and support that enables artists to take risks, and gives them the opportunity to make a leap forward in their practice that often results in astonishing exhibitions.

Together we can create extraordinary art.