Image: Philip Carr


Martin Parr

The House Of Vernacular

2 October - 28 November 2010

Martin Parr is considered to be one of the most successful and accessible artists of his generation. A photographer, collector, editor and exhibition maker, he offers us his unique view of the modern world by reflecting its ambiguities. He describes his practice as a form of collecting , essentially seeing it as a strategy for pursuing his research passions of ‘leisure’, ‘consumption’ and ‘communication’.

For The House of Vernacular Martin Parr selected seven collections of images by commercial and amateur photographers from across the globe, and worked with Fabrica’s creative team to locate them within this unusual building.

Intentionally or otherwise, these unauthored images draw out photography’s relationship family life, technology, propaganda and other key subjects for photography in the 21st century.

With photographs thematically and theatrically set in a series of interlinking rooms, like exhibits of a strange museum or quirky department store, The House of Vernacular offered a unique visitor experience.