Rosie Leventon


23 June - 22 August 2004

For Undercurrent, Rosie Leventon used recycled rope and human hair to create a delicate, skeletal three-dimensional drawing of Brighton’s disintegrating West Pier. Suspended gently from the rafters of the building, the sculpture rose and fell to the swell of visitors beneath.

As an artist based in London, she had always seen the pier as a symbol of Brighton. Gradually it became for her a metaphor for life experience, a symbol of defiance and a reflection upon the actual and emotional undercurrents that affect our lives.

Rosie Leventon creates sculptural environments stemming from an interest in archaeology and its effects on contemporary society.

Selecting materials for their meaning, she creates forms that challenge the viewer in unexpected ways, working to create a dialogue between material, form and space. She has used recycled materials such as books, floorboards and copper piping and has incorporated ephemeral elements such as water, turf and sugar in several of her pieces.

In partnership with South East Dance, dance artist and choreographer Erica Stanton was artist in residence during the exhibition, where she developed new work in response to Leventon’s work.