Chomp lunch clubs at Fabrica take place amongst the current exhibition and give attendees an opportunity to interact and explore themes of the current show through relaxed and fun art sessions suitable for the whole family and led by in-house artist, Helen Goodwin, as well an opportunity to come together to enjoy a delicious, social lunch time meal.

There are more than 8,000 families in Brighton who find the school holidays difficult. Low-income families have the extra pressure during the holidays to find additional money for lunches, which are usually provided free during term time at school.

Run during the school holidays, Chomp has provided over 3,000 meals at Fabrica since 2016, making a difference to hundreds across Brighton. Chomp is an initiative set up by One Church Brighton and is open to any low-income family experiencing social isolation or financial difficulties during school holidays. Families are referred to One Church for Chomp by schools, health workers, children’s centres, and food banks – by professionals who know which families would most benefit from a nutritional meal and social activities.

Chomp at Fabrica provides nourishment and support as well as opportunities to for families to connect, play and socialise with one another and their peers, engaging in creative activities that inspire, support development and are fun for the whole family.

“The level of value given to the children, the artist effort and the quality of teaching they received was excellent. I would put it on a par with that received on my (expensive!) degree course. Also, the level of understanding and compassion shown for the children was rare and lovely. My very boisterous 3-year-old was treated as an explorer and not a nuisance. Babies were held so parents could eat. This made it so relaxing and restorative.”

Chomp parent
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