From the beginning Fabrica has recognised the value of volunteers to the organisation. Volunteers support us in the day to day running of the organisation, particularly in front of house but we believe that volunteers also bring their own skills, experience, interests and personality to Fabrica and by so doing impact the organisation.

We have a long-standing and well-developed volunteer programme, which offers the opportunity to become part of the front of house team working in the gallery to enhance the visitor experience. From that starting point other opportunities are open such as learning about workshops, carrying out exhibition research and interpretation, producing a creative zine, helping with events and behind-the-scenes placements in the Fabrica office.

We think that volunteering at Fabrica offers invaluable and much sought after experience. Previous volunteers are now working in arts organisations both across the city and nationally. In fact many of the staff at Fabrica were once volunteers in the organisation.

The main focus of the Front of House Volunteer role at Fabrica is invigilating exhibitions when we are open to the public. The volunteers work with the Volunteer Coordinators and fellow volunteers to greet visitors into the gallery, maintain the Front of House tasks and communicate the ideas of the artwork to the public. For each show, we invite volunteers to specific training to develop our understanding of the exhibition and the artist behind it.


Front of House Volunteering


As a Front of House volunteer, there are also further opportunities relating to each exhibition:



There are also other voluntary work opportunities which become available to those that volunteer Front of House at Fabrica:


  • Administrative and office placements with specific staff members at Fabrica

  • Volunteering at specific events and projects that take place all year round and within the exhibition programme (see Events page)

  • Becoming an Ambassador for Fabrica


As Fabrica Volunteers, we regularly go on paid-for art trips and outings together. There are often volunteer social events which we also organise as part of the volunteer programme.


There are a number of experiences gained and skills developed whilst volunteering at Fabrica which include:


  • Good communication

  • Public facing interaction

  • Technical skills

  • Fundraising 

  • Earning Digital Badges

  • Assisting in our Gallery Shop

  • Working with diverse groups

  • Gaining knowledge about contemporary art

  • Behind the scenes knowledge of an art gallery and artists

  • Bespoke creative training

  • Team working

  • References

  • Using the Artist Resource for your own research

  • Meeting like-minded people

If want to hear more about volunteering at Fabrica come and speak to our front of house volunteers and staff in the gallery during exhibition opening. 


If you have any questions or need assistance with the application please contact [email protected] or call the office on 01273 778646.

Please note that Front of House volunteers are recruited at fixed points during the year and depending on the length of the waiting list and the time of the year, it may be several weeks before you are contacted. 

16 and 17 years old Volunteer Programme

We have developed a volunteer programme for young people who are 16-17 years old and are looking for experience in a gallery setting & arts organisation. This programme allows for all the benefits of our standard volunteer programme but is aimed at younger volunteers. Joining the Young Person’s Volunteer Programme gives an opportunity to become a Front of House Volunteer based in the gallery. This role at Fabrica is centered on invigilating an exhibition in spring, summer or autumn when we are open to the public. 

Application Form


Front of House Fundraiser Volunteer

This is a specialist role within our Front of House volunteer team, but extends behind the scenes, supporting back-office tasks and beyond the Gallery, connecting with the wider Brighton & Hove community. This role offers skills development in a key area of work in the charitable sector and within arts management. Equally, the role draws upon and develops transferable skills in marketing and communications, customer service and sales. 
This role includes: 


  • Volunteering FOH, working with fellow volunteers to encourage donations in the Gallery. All Fundraising Ambassadors are expected to volunteer for at least one exhibition before engaging with the wider opportunities this role has to offer 

  • Community Fundraising: planning and organizing fundraising initiatives such as sponsored challenges and charity sales. See more about community fundraising here 

  • Ambassadors: attending key community and networking events to represent Fabrica. Supporting Fabrica’s fundraising campaigns as social media ambassadors.  

  •  Back-office functions: completing specific, short-term research and administrative tasks to support Fabrica’s fundraising team. This role is typically performed remotely.  

  • Further Training & Opportunities: all Fundraising volunteers are added to an interest mailing list, including further opportunities as well as free training which is typically only available to Fabrica staff 

Application Form

Digital Badges Scheme

Fabrica is part of a new scheme for developing employability skills and wellbeing. We are using digital badges as a way to articulate the skills and experience gained as part of our programme. These badges allow our volunteers to feel a sense of achievement in their activities at Fabrica. These badges can be shared digitally as well as added to your CV and

employment profiles.

See Fabrica's Volunteer Badges here.

Read more about the wider scheme.