Getting There

Jo Lathwood

Archive Exhibitions (12 July to 28 August 2018)
Fabrica is commissions British sculptor, Jo Lathwood to produce Getting There, a new site-specific exhibition for our space.
Getting There is concerned with the making of a journey on one spot. Combining sculptural, performative and philosophical aspects, the work will be constructed, exhibited and deconstructed entirely within a six to seven-week period. It is conceived as a large, rising, pathway that compels the curious visitor to follow it through the exhibition hall and up into the roof area with the promise of touching the ceiling. Visitors will be able to watch its construction for the first three weeks, use it for the next two and see it dismantled in the last week.

Simultaneously purposeful and pointless, Getting There mirrors a common human personal goal: ‘to get somewhere’. Despite the where being abstract, the benefits of achieving it unclear and ultimately the goal rendered futile by death, the endeavor of getting there is commonly understood as a worthy idea. Lathwood’s new work provides a platform for interrogating this idea informally with visitors to the gallery and through a programme of discussions and activities.

Getting There will respond to the architecture of the building: using the whole space in ways that shift visitors’ perspectives and perceptions of it and reinterpreting its specific material qualities of varnished wood and Bath stone by a rougher-edged intervention of wood and scaffold. The exact layout and aesthetic of the pathway will be determined as the work unfolds, allowing for the artist’s iterative process of working. However, it will incorporate at least one ‘congregation area’ that can temporarily welcome visitors to sit/look/contemplate and converse.

Getting There is both original and inquisitive in its approach to space and audience. Challenging in its scale and the timeframe of its production this dynamic work will invite audiences to physically participate in and understand more about key philosophical and creative concepts.

About The Artist

Jo Lathwood was born in Bristol, England in 1984. Educated at the University of Brighton, Lathwood acquired a First Class Degree in Fine Art Sculpture and was awarded Burt, Brill and Cardens People’s Art Award for the best in show, and second prize in recognition of ‘Outstanding Artist Achievement’ at the University.  She has shown work in galleries around the UK and internationally. She has taken part in various residency programmes and biennials in the USA, Canada, France, Belgium and Austria. In 2012, she become the co-director of Ore and Ingot an artist-led fine art bronze foundry in Bristol.

Her practice commonly aims to describe an emotional state through a physical space or object. She is driven by process and is continuous curiosity of materials and their origin.

Inspired by a meditation between simple natural beauty and the complex relationship we have with nature, Jo strives to create works that engage the audience through a common memory. The consideration of the audience’s response, reaction and position regularly determines how her work will be constructed and installed. She believes her artwork almost asks the audience to occupy a performative role.

The drive of Jo's practice revolves around three notions:

- Our human endeavour to find an answer.
- Making for the sake of a communication free from money or pride.
- Exploration into universal constants.

Arts council england
Brighton and hove city council
Chalk cliff trust

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