I See Infinite Distance Between Any Point and Another

The Otolith Group

Archive Exhibitions (14 April to 27 May 2012)
I See Infinite Distance Between Any Point and Another is an intimate portrait of poet, painter and philosopher Etel Adnan.
Central to the film, made largely in her Paris apartment, is a reading of extracts from her recently published poem The Sea. The sound of Adnan’s voice and the quiet but ever present ambient noise in her apartment create a film with a powerful, meditative atmosphere. This new film follows Hydra Decapita (2010), which explored the Atlantic slave trade, as the second part of a trilogy reflecting on water as a source of political and cultural power.

About The Artist

The Otolith Group was founded in 2002.

Its work is research based and spans the moving image, audio, performance, installation, and curation. It incorporate film making and post-lens-based essayistic aesthetics that explore the temporal anomalies, anthropic inversions, and synthetic alienation of the posthuman, the inhuman, the non-human, and the complexity of the environmental conditions of life we all face.

Approaching curation as an artistic practice of building intergenerational and cross-cultural platforms, the collective has been influential in critically introducing particular works of artists such as Chris Marker, Harun Farocki, Anand Patwardhan, Etel Adnan, Black Audio Film Collective, Sue Clayton, Mani Kaul, Peter Watkins, and Chimurenga in the UK, US, Europe, and Lebanon.

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I See Infinite Distance Between Any Point and Another


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