In Between Gallery: Spring

Christian Jago

Archive Exhibitions (21 December 2023 to 21 April 2024)
The In Between Gallery is an exhibition space for contemporary photography in Fabrica’s window. We show work from two artists each year including an artist selected via an Open Call which is advertised annually in October.

Showing until spring 2024 is Christian Jago's 'Spring' from his project “Ephemeral Bloom” (2023). Christian is a photographer based in Colchester, UK who specialises in world-building and special effects. He uses his practice to respond to places and stories that inspire him, constructing immersive visual spaces through which people can temporarily step outside of reality. He strives to create works that compel people to stop, wonder and smile.

'Spring' depicts a time of love and new beginnings. Christian Jago beautifully captures this sentiment, portraying a heavenly period where nature dances into life, and days gracefully stretch their arms. The landscape becomes a canvas of change, resonating with the promise of a brighter future.

The In between Gallery is supported by Photo Fringe, Spectrum Photographic and Jane & Jeremy.

About The Artist

Christian Jago's artistic journey is deeply rooted in a childhood fascination with the visual effects of films like 'The Dark Crystal' and 'Blade Runner.' Enthralled by the enchanting worlds brought to life through visual magic, Christian immersed himself in behind-the-scenes books and documentaries, shaping the artist he is today.

His practice is a fusion of set design, photography, and various disciplines that culminate in the construction of fantastical worlds inspired by places, stories, daydreams, and memories. Christian predominantly hand-builds miniature-scale sets using techniques such as molding and casting. The resulting sets are then meticulously lit and photographed, transforming imaginary creations into vivid visual realities. Beyond this, he explores cyanotypes, landscape photography, and the creation of 3D images using photogrammetry.

Through the craft of world-building, Christian seeks to create immersive spaces that provide a temporary escape from reality. His works aim to transport individuals to magical, tranquil realms where imagination is set free. With a particular interest in the power of fantasy and fairy tales to evoke personal interpretations, Christian strives to craft experiences that prompt reflection, wonder, and smiles.

Copy of Christian Jago Spring 2023

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