In Between Gallery: Studio Aftermath (2016) 

Julien Bonnin

Archive Exhibitions (9 November to 31 March 2020)
The In Between Gallery is a temporary gallery in the Fabrica window showing contemporary photography between Fabrica's main exhibition programme. We show work from two artists a year including an Open Call between December and April.
Studio Aftermath is part of an ongoing series of 'constructed realities'. Each set is a hand-made diorama, re- enacting a specific memory or fantasy from a photographer that had to flee from his studio and Beirut during the Lebanese War.

Julien Bonnin is a French photographer. His work explores the codes and the physical nature of Photography as a bearer of Truth. His recent works focus on archives and family collections as a mean of investigation into representations of the Middle East and the mythology of War.

About The Artist

Born in 1983, Julien Bonnin is a French photographer living in Paris and working between Paris and London

His main field of work is photoreport, starting as a freelance in Paris from 2004-2007, in the dawn of social unrest and the Presidential.

In 2008 he travelled to Palestine, working for an NGO on the field. It shaped his practice, based on the unconventional clash between traditional documentary and discursive paths of fine art or site based installations.

His work explores the codes and the physical nature of Photography as a bearer of Truth, in the scope of new technologies.It analyses the concept of Power and the tensions arising from 'signified' photographs in the midst of mass medias or digital photography.

He graduated with a Ba Photography from the London College of Communication in 2012 and an Ma in Photography from the Royal College of Art in 2016.

Recipient of the Photoworks award and New Bloomberg Contemporaries in 2012 ,he has since exhibited both in Europe and internationally.

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Photo fringe
Loupe more than photography

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