In Between Gallery: Unheard Voices (2018)

Alan Compton

Archive Exhibitions (10 December 2018 to 29 March 2019)
The In Between Gallery is a temporary gallery in the Fabrica window showing contemporary photography between Fabrica's main exhibition programme. We show work from two artists a year including an Open Call between December and April. 
This image is part of a series of images produced for Africa Advocacy Foundation that highlights healthcare inequalities for migrant communities in the UK. The image itself, and the series of images that go with it, were inspired by the Windrush generation, using this as a symbolic reference for both the promise and reality of immigration.

Alan Compton is a photographer & filmmaker from the UK producing digital content for ethically minded organisations. His work covers a diverse range of subject matter in locations around the world.

About The Artist

In 2015, after more than a decade working in TV & Film, life events proved to be a catalyst that inspired Alan to work exclusively with ethical organisations and non-profits - and strive to produce work that has a genuine social impact.

Since this shift in creative focus he has worked around the world with incredible people and projects covering a diverse but highly interconnected range of social and environmental issues including healthcare initiatives in Indonesia, Ghana, USA & Ireland; social movements & education in India; conservation in Iceland & Thailand; child slavery and exploitation in Vietnam; disability, AIDS & albinism in Uganda; philanthropy in Brazil; mental health & refugee action in the UK and Europe.

In 2021 Alan was awarded Portrait Photographer of the Year by the Paris Photo Prize for his work with the Africa Advocacy Foundation and received a SABRE Award for best use of photography in a public relations campaign for my work with the Nobody Left Outside initiative. His work has been exhibited and screened in London, Paris, Bangkok, and at the European Health Forum in Gastein, Austria.

Unheard Voices (2018), Alan Compton
Photo fringe

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