Various Artists

Archive Exhibitions (11 May to 16 June 1996)
Artists often have to work within an isolated environment, so it is refreshing to find those in a similar field, exchange ideas and share a common goal.

Fabrica’s first festival show, Incidents, was a feast of multi-media artworks. The exhibition brought together four artists from Artspace Portsmouth, Mark Gaynor and Anna Henrich and Leon Palmer, Neil Taylor and two Brighton based artists, Kulo Murugaiyan and Dominique Rey. The artists all share an interest in installation and site-specific work.
Participating artists included:

Mark Gaynor
Anna Heinrich
Leon Palmer
Kulo Murugaiyan
Dominique Rey
Neil Taylor

Dominique and Kulo worked with Fabrica to develop the ideas behind the exhibition which was themed to provide the opportunity for artists to respond to the building and to reflect upon a period of change in its history. Palmer and Heinrich drew our attention to the variety of architectural spaces within the church, highlighting unique plays of light and atmosphere while the work of Rey and Murugaiyan explores the emotions of change. Incidents was part of a continuing programme to foster links between the artistic community in Brighton and other groups around the country.


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