Walter Bailey & Pat Keung Wan

Archive Exhibitions (22 July to 27 August 2000)
An installation of site-specific sculptures and reverberating sounds…
"Journey was made in twenty eight days and carved directly from a single oak tree with chainsaws. Working with the given form of a tree is a process of discovery, of limitation and an attempt to transcend these limitations. During the carving of the elongated figures I realised that they represented present day lives in the west, rootless, fast moving and fluid. The lattice torso represents our connection with the world, nothing works in isolation, every action is an interaction, with an effect and resonance beyond the moment of encounter. Standing slabs of oak are waymarkers, points of growth and change." Walter Bailey, Artist.

Journey presented the work by two artists ‘in dialogue’, with the resulting installations creating a surreal landscape of tin pipes and animated trees. Artists Walter Bailey and Pak Keung Wan were commissioned by Fabrica to respond to the theme of ‘journey’ and to the exhibition space. Bailey explored the theme through his rough hewn, intricately carved wood sculptures, while Pak Keung Wan invited the visitors to share the sounds of his journey as he walked from Northampton to Brighton.
Journey 1 2
Journey 2

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