Fabrica Makers Studio

Central Brighton has welcomed an exciting new addition to its vibrant community: the Fabrica Makers Studio. This fully equipped workshop is set to become a cornerstone for local creativity, providing a versatile environment where our community projects can come together to bring their projects to life.

Community Projects

One of the core missions of the Fabrica Makers Studio is to support and amplify community-driven projects. The workshop is designed to be a versatile and inclusive environment where people of all skill levels can collaborate on a variety of projects. From woodworking and metalworking to textiles and traditional craft, the workshop is well-equipped to handle a wide range of creative activities.

Home to Men in Sheds Brighton

One of the most exciting aspects of the Fabrica Makers Studio is that it now serves as the new home for Men in Sheds Brighton. This initiative, part of the larger UK-wide Men in Sheds movement, provides a supportive and social environment where men can come together to work on projects, share skills, and foster friendships. The aim is to combat loneliness and isolation by encouraging camaraderie and a sense of purpose through communal activities.

A Place for Everyone

Beyond Men in Sheds, the Fabrica Makers Studio is open to all members of the community. Workshops, classes, and drop-in sessions will be regularly scheduled, ensuring that there is always something new to learn and explore. The space is committed to promoting accessibility and inclusivity, ensuring that everyone feels welcome and empowered to create.

A Community Focus on Wellbeing

By integrating health and wellbeing into its core mission, the Fabrica Makers Studio ensures that it is not just a place for making things but also a place for making connections. The emphasis on community projects and collaborative efforts means that individuals are never working in isolation. Instead, they are part of a supportive network that values creativity and mutual support.


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