Live and Learn Workshops this Autumn

In the run up to each exhibition we run Live and Learn workshops, one before we open and one in the opening week. These workshops are a social and creative opportunity for Fabrica volunteers and staff to come together to discuss and explore the themes of the exhibition, run by artist and facilitator Jane Fordham. Before we dive into the activity we have food and drinks together!

Our most recent workshops were an exploration of our current exhibition: At Home in the Water by Vanessa Daws. The sessions involved a mixture of creative writing in response to the sea, and the opportunity to get creative with seaweed, inks and printmaking techniques!

Materials used:

Drawing inks, nib pens, lettering stencils, bamboo nibs, ink rollers, printing ink, pipettes, glue, gold ink, brushes, graphite, oil pastel and water

A variety of different paper qualities from heavy cartridge paper and watercolour to layout paper

Seaweed, pebbles, chalk, shells,

Typewriter and stapler!


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