NPO funding announcement response

Today, Arts Council England (ACE) revealed its National Portfolio Organisation (NPO) grant funding plans for 2023 - 2026.

Fabrica has learnt that it will no longer be a National Portfolio Organisation.

The previous NPO funding was a significant part of the funding mix that enables us to present high-quality arts experiences to a broad audience, allowing more people to access, enjoy and learn from it.

Liz Whitehead, Director of Fabrica, comments:
"This is extremely disappointing news to receive - not only for the team here at Fabrica but for the hundreds of artists, community participants and exhibition visitors in their thousands that come to Fabrica.

We will take some time to reflect and discuss the situation with Arts Council England and our other stakeholders to find the best way forward. Fabrica is a 26 year old organisation that started life as a small scale artist led studio group. The implications for us as an organisation are very serious and we will have to work quickly to plan what a different future for Fabrica might look like.”

Although today’s news is very difficult for us and it is disappointing that the overall level of funding for Brighton & Hove has remained static, we would like to offer our congratulations to the organisations who have been successful in this round, particularly the new NPOs.

We are still committed to playing our part in the city’s important creative ecology and making a positive impact for artists and communities in the region and beyond.


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