Response Magazine: Call for submissions

Response Magazine Submission Flyer

Summer is always an exciting season at Fabrica. In addition to our current exhibition, My Crazy Family Golf, we also have several forthcoming activities for volunteers, including three opportunities to submit original work – or rather, responses – to our volunteer-led publication, Response Magazine.

Keep reading for a bit more information on our submission specs.

1. Our Crazy Fabrica Jenga Tower

Deadline: Friday 12 August

Towards the end of August, the Response team will build a Jenga Tower with blocks altered by yourselves to display in the gallery alongside My Crazy Family Golf. There are no strictures as to what you may do to your Jenga Block; paint it, burn it, dye it – it’s up to you!

You would have received a Jenga block if you were in attendance at our volunteer briefing a few weeks ago. If you were not, feel free to swing by Fabrica to pick one up, as there are plenty left to play with.

2. The Magazine

Deadline: 31 July 2022

For this summer’s issue of Response Magazine, we’re asking volunteers to contribute submissions in alignment with our summer exhibition, including but not limited to work that grapples with:

– Family relationships/domesticity

– Games, participation or collaboration

– Care and caring

Submissions may take the form of any media, from photograph to sculpture to poem. Perhaps you will decide to collaborate with a family member, like Lisa and Gordon. Or perhaps you might decide to write a poem in the style of rules to a game. Submissions are not limited to new work, so if you have created something in the past that fits our theme, please do send it along.

3. Your Own Crazy Golf Course

Deadline: Friday 12 August

As directly inspired by My Crazy Family Golf, Response Magazine will be accepting mini golf course sketch-ups of your own design. If you were at our volunteer briefing a few weeks ago, you would have received a paper template to use as a starting point for your own crazy golf plan. However, please feel free to start from scratch if you wish, or make use of the digital templates attached at the end of this article. This is a highly interpretive project, so do let your imagination run wild.

We have already received loads of excellent submissions and look forward to receiving more in coming days!

As always, thank you for all your hard work and dedication to Fabrica. Happy making!

Fabrica Crazy Golf Template 1-4
Fabrica Crazy Golf Template 5-8


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