Landscapes, Cities, People

Landscapes, Cities, People – LCP – was a three-year, European-funded cross-border collaborative project of exhibitions, conferences, audience and professional development and education activities between 2009-2012. The project involved two organisations from the UK, two from France and two in Belgium.

​The project built and broadened audiences for contemporary visual art by creating a sustainable model for Audience Development. This involved developing partnerships with non-arts partners, pertinent to the subject of the exhibition and/or the targeted audience. It also worked to improve the quality of arts education services and increase access to those services for marginalised people, young people and communities, as well as enabling visual arts professionals to engage with audiences, markets and work-based opportunities in the cross-border region.

​The working methods involved ‘catching up’ by sharing expertise more evenly across national boundaries and joint working.

​The partners involved were Fabrica (Brighton, UK), Aspex (Portsmouth, UK), L’H du Siège (Valenciennes, France), La Malterie (Lille, France), Kunst en Zwalm (Zwalm, Belgium) and Netwerk (Aalst, Belgium).

The project was funded by Interreg.

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