Drawing and Making

Facilitated by artist Jane Fordham, Drawing and Making for dementia began in 2018 to bring community and creativity to people living with dementia in seniors housing within Brighton & Hove.

Inclusive to all, these workshops support any participant, regardless of artistic confidence, to express themselves free of judgement and explore creative media for a personal stimulating experience.

Jane continues the project in Spring 2024 assisted by Engagement Producer, Rose Grover, delivering a further 5 sessions for the residents at Brooke Mead, a Brighton & Hove City Council seniors housing site which caters specifically to people living with dementia.

Sessions follow a theme and take various shapes within that, with some including life drawing, collaborative zine making, clay modelling, and others being themed as tea parties with integrated drawing exploring still life. This approach encourages any participant to join and enjoy creativity on their own terms and at their own pace, connected by broader interests and positive experiences.

Drawing & Making for dementia has received support from Age UK Brighton & Hove through the Dementia Action Alliance, Brighton & Hove Senior Housing, and Brighton District Nurse’s Association.

“It’s the companionship that’s so important, and doing this gets the old brainbox going, otherwise you get locked in.”

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