Men In Sheds

2015 - Present


Our Men’s Shed in Kemptown is currently open at limited capacity for members only. Men in Sheds Kemptown is part of Community Roots, a network of local services committed to supporting good mental health and wellbeing in Brighton and Hove.

The Shed first opened to the public in April 2017, initially supported by Brighton & Hove Clinical Commissioning. Since opening we are grateful to have also been received support from The Homity Trust, Chalk Cliff Trust, Chapman Charitable Trust and Brighton Lions.


A Men’s Shed is a larger version of the typical man’s shed in the garden — a place where he feels at home and can pursue practical interests with a high degree of autonomy. Fabrica has been developing an older audience for a long time, however men where a demographic that had not been specifically dealt with before.

Our Men’s Shed offers this to a group of such men where members share the tools and resources they need to work on projects of their own choosing at their own pace and in a safe, friendly and inclusive venue. They are places of skill-sharing and informal learning, of individual pursuits and community projects, of purpose, achievement and social interaction. A place of leisure where men come together to work. Activities provide structure and companionship but without emphasis on discussion of mental wellbeing. This approach can be described as ‘shoulder to shoulder’ rather than ‘face to face’.

‘To be able to come to the shed and work and help others gives me a great deal of satisfaction. I feel a sense of worth and love the way all the men work together.’ — Gerry, Men’s Sheds participant

Due to our limited capacity the Shed currently has a waiting list in operation, but we are looking for additional premises. If you have any information regarding an appropriate space for a new Shed please let us know.


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Fabrica's Men in Sheds Kemptown is part of the citywide UOK Brighton & Hove - a cross-sector network of of 16 services which support and connect people in the city who are experiencing mental health difficulties.

This is their first report on the network's achievements.