Men Who Make

2020 - present

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A creative mental health and wellbeing project

Men Who Make provides free, creative workshops for adult men at different venues across the city. Through supportive sessions, participants are invited to learn new skills and techniques, discover different ways of making and applying creativity and improve overall wellbeing. Sessions provide opportunity to meet new people, visit new venues and organisation based around the city and connect with the outdoors.

‘I was transported to a mountain top in Japan’ - Men Who Make Participant

Through a series of pre-booked craft and making sessions, participants are encouraged to discover new interests and activities they enjoy including printmaking, photography, woodwork and stone carving. Through this cross-partnership project, participants explore new venues across Brighton and Hove including Fabrica Gallery, ONCA Bargethe South Downs and Stanmer Organics - Organisations based in blue and green spaces.

This bespoke initiative has been developed out of learning and specialist knowledge from our Men in Sheds project while offering new approaches and practical solutions to reach and support men struggling with low mental health in across the city. Brighton & Hove has the third highest rate of death by suicide in England with men over 35 particularly at risk. Across England, men are three times more likely to die by suicide than women. The past year has been particularly challenging for those struggling with low mental health. With so much uncertainty still ahead, this new project aims to reduce the risk of social isolation and improve wellbeing in a safe and supportive space.

This course is funded by Sussex Health & Care Partnership, allowing us to provide places free of charge.  

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